Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordpress Video Issues to Fix

  1. Right now the short code doesn't have a way to specify only a thumbnail. So if you want a preview image, but NOT the player, you can't do that. Useful for some theme layouts that want to overlay text or something else on top of the preview (like another image, like NEW!)
  • EDIT: Actually there does seem to be a way to do this: get_the_excerpt(). Unfortunately, it inserts the entire HTML element, and some breaks, which is not what I need. I need ONLY the url. I have temporarily added a new function that bascially does the same thing, only returns JUST the URL. Should I make this a template tag? Or should we add an attribute to the short code?
  • 10/25/09 EDIT: OK finally figured this out (mostly). wp_theme_videolink() is something I added to the video.php file of the WP Video project. I will review the code with Hailin and se if we can get it committed. It is basically a version of the wp_add_videolink() that I modified to be for themes, not RSS feeds. Below is a version I used for the eVid theme.
$thumb = wp_theme_videolink();
//Was this : $thumb = get_post_meta($post->ID, 'Thumbnail', $single = true);

  1. There is no way to render the same video in 2 different sizes. For example the eVid theme has a top "Featured Videos" panel which it wants to size large (and widescreen, more later). But the same post can/will appear in the main page. Well, since the theme just dumps the_content(), it uses the same dimensions in both places. So you'd have to hack in a custom meta value to support "featured" vs. "normal", etc. Not elegant. Nicer if the shortcode allowed you to specify a css class and then you could do something like [wpvideo Ay1SIRji class="letterbox"]
  2. Need an option for the shortcode to remove the player elements. Might want to disable some of the controls for various views.
  3. How can you remove/change the Wordpress watermark that the player renders? If it's not already supported, add support for making that dynamic in the shortcode. Not only would someone want to remove it, but they might want their own site logo on it, OR they may want different images depending on category, tag, page, etc.
  4. Need to review/grok how cacheing works. Should cache all thumbnails so loads fast.
  5. Sitemaps --- how to load to Google, Bing, Yahoo

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