Friday, February 08, 2008

Yet Another Razoo for an XPrize

I rarely go to web sites, especially Web 2.0 glossy sites ;) and sign up and immediately start using it. But then there's a site like which adds value to the human condition. Love it!

The challenge is to define XPrize ideas. See my previous post in October 2006. Here's another:
(see )

Another XPrize should go to the organization that "open sources" medicine to solve the problems of healthcare (at least in the US.) By creating an economy based on merit and quality, through free education based on ability, support through nurturing, sensible work practices, compensation based on a truly open marketplace where an open source solution actually competes without unfair advantage against the traditional system.

It all starts with the physicians -- if physicians are given an education without creating an insurmountable mountain of debt, they might be more empowered to make changes.

If pharma were open sourced, imagine the impact.

But it must work within the reality of a free market and where "greed is good". It has to be better, so it actually wins on merit, leaving the commercial options to survive in what niche they will.

Kudos to Joe Solomon for finding Razoo!
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