Friday, September 11, 2009

Wordpress Video 1.0 Released

One issue I hit is that the server for ffmpeg2theora seems to have gone down? Maybe due to traffic from this project? Anyway, I was able to get the source code from:
and from source.

UPDATE: it finally came back up! Got the binary and used it.

To get a fully functional FFMEG from source: Make sure you have libtheora, ogg, vorbis, x264 already built/installed. (TODO: need to see what configure opts vorbis and theora need, just used defaults)

Note: I used --enable-shared on all builds where the README.txt from the plugin did not explicitly give a command.

Also needed, and (NOTE: libgsm has a crappy makefile, so you need to build it shared manually AFTER the initial build. That cost me 30 minutes in the wee hours of the night.)

NOTE: Be sure to use the EXACT snapshot of x264 as documented, else there is a missing symbol and it won't be used. I wonder why such an old version? TODO: look into updating to the latest if some benefit.

Also DON'T USE latest: libdc1394-2.1.2.tar.gz -- but getting config error:
seems to be needed but this header is not available in the latest src. Must have been deprecated.
with ./configure --enable-shared
This required libraw1394 (I used libraw1394-1.2.0.tar.gz to be consistent with the older libdc1394)
Also need:
yum install xorg-x11-devel
(I actually gave up on dc1394 for the moment since my image didn't have X and getting it built from source was a nightmare...just gave up for lack of time...36 hours of no sleep is not good for the body. Give me 2 hours a day and I'm good!

(later that AM...)

For FFMPEG, I had to apply this patch:

For setup, do make sure to set the video-config.php AND the video-lib.php constants. If you get an error email about ffmpeg, it is probably because your ffmpeg is wrong. If you get an error like "doesn't exist" then it is probably because it cannot find the database (I had to grant additional access to a new server, for example.)

When I created a new video (WMV from the "capture thumbnail" button mentioned on the new media shows up once you start playing the video --- nice touch, but to a sleep deprived person like myself, it was a brain teaser...need my 4th Peets today :)

Also, immediately after upload, I tried to create a post with the short code and it failed. This was once; I tried but could not reproduce it...probably a race condition in the processing vs. posting.

Some nice to haves: thumbnail in the media library view, add a "copy shortcut to clipboard" button, or multi-select in the media library view.

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Robert A. Ficcaglia said...

Note: I myself accidentally posted notes on the wrong plugin. Googling "wordpress video plugin" takes you to Oliver Wunder's plugin, which is probably very nice and worth checking out. But that's not the Auttomatic "framework". Just FYI in case you get confused as I did.