Thursday, September 03, 2009

Seeking Clojure

This is just a post of some links and references I went through as I start looking at Clojure during the HackerDojo Clojure Meetup. Some of these were explicitly discussed, and some were just tangents sparked in my mind by the discussion.

Example toy program: n of k marbles problem, how many combinations?
NOTE: I think this was the problem under discussion...there was some ambiguity as to exactly what the problem was :) I thought this should be solved by the standard formula for the binomial coefficient, but maybe I misunderstood the problem?

Other links of interest to me relevant to Clojure (and more generally functional programming languages and parallel programming:
The above are not specific posts mentioned in the meetup...just my list of pertinent articles for your amusement and further reading.

Some toy problems to practice with:

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