Wednesday, November 04, 2009

PayPal Mass Pay Disbursements

How is Mass Pay Disbursements product different than Adaptive Chained Payments??
Their examples of disbursements include several overlapping scenarios:
  • marketplaces
  • rebates
  • commissions
  • affiliates
  • rewards
  • games/gambling
These are the same ones they discussed in the Adaptive Payments session.

Answer: volume --- MassPay up to 5K in one batch and async. Mass Payment API - 250 per API call and async. Pay API (adaptive) - up to 6 buy is realtime sync.

Hmmm seems that they pull each txn from the bank SEPARATELY. How much will the bank charge you!?

2% per payment with $1.00 max. Sender pays. Might be the new pricing model soon.