Friday, April 18, 2008

GoGrid For Facebook Quick Start

For new Facebook developers, especially those who have never had the need to host their own server, getting started often represents an unwelcome learning curve. MotivePath and GoGrid have created a tool to assist in getting up and running quickly.

A Facebook application has essentially 3 ingredients:
  1. The configuration Facebook needs to link their site to your application content
  2. The application content itself, including the Facebook API
  3. Somewhere to host the content
A GoGrid for Facebook server automatically deploys a web server (Apache for Linux, IIS for Windows), a database (MySQL 5.0 Community), and the Facebook API libraries.

When you create a GoGrid for Facebook server node, you must select a public IP.

Let's assume this is Once the server is started, in a browser visit:
  • (note port 8080 for the configuration portal)
This will take you to the configuration portal for the GoGrid for Facebook tool. Enter an application name, for example "mynewapp" and click NEW.

Now, to link the Facebook site to your new content, create a Facebook Developer account, set the Callback URL in the Facebook Developer application settings to the full URL to your new GoGrid server's default Facebook application:
  • (note port 80 for the application itself)

That's it! To create additional application content, you can then edit the files in the /mynewapp/ folder. For example:
  • C:\inetpub\mynewapp\ (for Windows)
  • /usr/local/httpd/htdocs/mynewapp (for Linux)
You can change the callback URL at any time. Say you want to change from tutorial.php to coolNewApp.php, the callback URL simply becomes:

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