Friday, January 15, 2010

Critical Measures for HIT Integration

  • Reconciled list of patient medications used vs. prescribed vs. filled
  • Physician alerts for drug interactions
  • physician alerts for test results
  • physician prompts at the time of visit
  • alert to chronic illnes risks, and query existing registries
  • patient review of EMR data --- and updates
  • predict quality by risk-based scores

measure the following which predict success:

  • clinical time saved
  • usability complaints/support tickets
  • use vs. customization vs. departments
  • amount of training sessions required in minutes or hours

measure the following before and after HIT use (survey):

  1. relative advantage consistent with values and needs
  2. ease of understanding and use
  3. consistent with values and needs
  4. experimentation
  5. ovservability and example satisfaction

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